Compare 2019 Subaru Outback vs 2019 Subaru Forester

2019 Subaru Outback vs 2019 Subaru Forester
2019 Subaru Outback 2019 Subaru Forester


2.5L I4 2.5L I4


175 182

  MPG (City/Highway)

25/32 * 26/33 *



2019 Subaru Outback vs 2019 Subaru Forester

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Subaru, a Japanese automotive company, has stepped its game up by offering two impressive SUVs. For 2019, the Outback and Forester are bringing more class into the brand's vehicular lineup. Both of these SUVs are in the small to the midsize range, and they're loaded with exceptional features in technology and performance. Though both vehicles are similar in many ways, they're completely different in others. Let's take a more in-depth look below.

Performance Features

The 2019 Subaru Outback offers supreme performance on every driving terrain. The base model comes equipped with Subaru's infamous Boxer engine. This particular engine will provide up to 175 horsepower, and it will get you at least 32 mpg. If you're in need of more power, then Subaru offers a V6 engine that produces upward of 256 horsepower. This extra horsepower is great for those who need more pulling power. Thanks to the vehicle's horizontal layout, drivers will love the natural balance and lower center of gravity. The 2019 Outback provides over eight inches of ground clearance, which is great for tackling hilly terrain. The SUV's all-wheel-drive system takes gaining traction to another level.

The 2019 Subaru Forester also sports Subaru's Boxer engine that provides up to 182 horsepower. This engine is also direct-injected for higher performance capability. Just like its counterpart above, this vehicle will give the driver at least 33 mpg on the highway. Its 18-inch wheels keep the SUV more than eight inches off the ground, and the symmetrical all-wheel-drive system provides great traction on all slippery surfaces. Thanks to X-Mode technology, the Forester automatically adjusts to the driving environment.


The 2019 Outback is a sight for sore eyes thanks to its unique exterior design. Drivers will get much better illumination from the LED-responsive headlamps. These headlamps look like razor-sharp glass. The vehicle's sloped grille matches the body of this SUV as its frame has a sweeping motion to it. The rear of the Outback looks amazing with its asymmetrical taillamps and horizontal body frame.

The 2019 Forester has a similar body type to its cousin as it sports long flowing lines and sweeping curves. The front LEDs appear as two eagle eyes that possess a glaring stare. The horizontal grille also sports plenty of chrome as it prominently hosts the Subaru emblem. From the roof rails on top to the subtle grooves on the hood, this SUV definitely catches the attention with relative ease.


The Outback comes equipped with Subaru's Eyesight technology. This technology is infused into the vehicle's driver-assist technologies. Eyesight technology monitors the roadways for any impending hazards. Subaru's StarLink technology provides security via remote services, and it can send notifications to responders if the airbags deploy. The 2019 Outback also provides Active Torque Vectoring for sharper steering, and there's an abundance of preventive-safety features.

The 2019 Forester offers a wider rear gate opening, and the vehicle hosts up to 76.1 cubic feet of cargo space. For those who love to stay connected to their social media accounts, there's 4G Wi-Fi that's available. Subaru's StarLink technology also allow passengers to connect up to eight devices. There's even an entertainment package that offers Harman Kardon Bluetooth headphones, two Apple iPads, and two iPad cases.

These two SUVs are a cut above the competition thanks to their distinct attributes. If you want more information on the 2019 Outback and the 2019 forester, then visit Hatfield Subaru today.

* EPA-estimated fuel economy. Actual mileage may vary. For Crosstrek Hybrid, EPA-estimated MPG equivalent on a full battery charge. Actual mileage will vary.

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