Maintain Pressure and Fluids to Maximize Fuel Economy

One way to increase your fuel economy while driving is to decrease the drag on your vehicle. Keep storage items from the top of your vehicle, including a luggage rack if possible. Bike racks on top of and on the back of your vehicle often increase the amount of drag as well, which can take away from your fuel economy.

Maintain the correct pressure in your tires. If the pressure isn't where it's supposed to be, then it can take longer for your car to roll when making a turn, which can then decrease fuel economy. Most new vehicles have pressure lights that will alert you as to when the pressure is low.

Although it might not make a lot of sense, using the proper oil in your vehicle can improve your fuel economy. If your motor is properly lubricated, then it doesn't have to work as hard, which can then decrease the amount of gas that you use. Hatfield Subaru can change your oil so that you have the proper weight and type in your motor.



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