How to Control Odors in Your Vehicle

You have probably gotten in your car before and smelled something that you didn’t like. This happens all the time, especially if something gets stuck in your vents before you turn off your car. Since the small space of your car can get engulfed in a smell if it’s trapped in the vent, you need to be careful to flush your vents and open your car windows before turning off.

If you find that a smell isn’t going away, you can use baking soda and charcoal filters to help you remove onerous odors. In addition, shampooing and vacuuming your upholstery can help if you have cloth. Otherwise, leather cleaner for car sets can work as well.

One of the issues with car smells is that you may not know the specific cause. If you do smoke or eat food in your car, you could quit these behaviors to improve the smell too. Want to get your car detailed? You can stop by Hatfield Subaru.



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