How to Control Pet Hair in Your Car

Your pet may love the car, but you may not love cleaning up after your pet. Fabric seats attract pet hair, and that hair can become woven right in with the fibers. It's easier to prevent that from happening in the first place than cleaning it up later, so take a few moments before your trip to brush your pet with the most effective brush you have to eliminate stray hairs.

Specially made seat protectors for pets are waterproof in addition to keeping hair off of your upholstery. Lay out one of these or a towel to prevent excess hair from coming in contact with the seat. You can also keep your pet in its travel carrier to help keep fur contained.

If you're still battling stray hairs, try blowing up a balloon and rubbing it over your upholstery to attract the hairs using static. You can also vacuum with a pet hair attachment or use a lint roller.



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