Get Ready for Winter: Create a Survival Kit for Your Car

A winter survival kit is added protection for harsh weather conditions and winter driving. At Hatfield Subaru, we encourage a proactive approach to winter driving. The earlier you make a survival kit, the better you will feel driving long distances or just going to the store.

Include extra clothing, nonperishable foods, water, hats and gloves in your kit. Blankets and portable chargers are great items if you need to wait for help. If you regularly travel with kids or pets, consider items to keep them comfortable if you have to walk in the weather or can't leave the vehicle.

Your vehicle should have a spare tire and jack, extra fluids, tire chains, a shovel, a tow rope, and an ice scraper. Jumper cables or a portable battery charger are great things to have on cold winter days. A pair of boots is a good idea if you don't usually wear these while driving.



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