Four Types of Windshield Chips That Need Repair Attention

It's a good idea for drivers to inspect their windshields on a weekly basis for signs of damage or stress. There are four types of windshield chips that may initially appear to be a bug speck or bird residue that are actually tiny cracks in the glass that may need professional repair attention.

The four chips are a half-moon shape, the bulls eye, a star, or a combination star within a bulls eye. If left untreated, these chips can develop into cracks that compromise the performance of your windshield. Our repair specialists in our Subaru service department can remove the air from around these chips and fill it with a sturdy resin compound to help strengthen the glass and prevent future damage.

Is every windshield chip repairable? Unfortunately, no, but our service technician can give you an honest answer. The bill is affordable and it takes only about 30 minutes.



Categories: Service
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