Avoid a Blowout By Checking Your Tire Pressure

Have you ever had one of your tires blow out? It's a scary experience as you feel yourself losing control of the vehicle. If you've experienced this, you might wonder how you can avoid this in the future. It's actually pretty simple. Just keep your tires properly inflated and you'll greatly decrease the likelihood of this and other tire-related problems.

When your tires aren't properly inflated, it's more likely that you'll have problems with your tires. For instance, if they are underinflated, you could have a problem with your tires wearing on the sides. The walls of your tires aren't designed to carry the weight of the vehicle, and they can't handle the wearing. Similarly, if your tires are overinflated, you'll have problems with wearing on only a thin strip of the tires.

If you need a new set of tires, or if you just want your tire pressure checked, come to Hatfield Subaru.



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