How to Use Your Car's Battery for Jump Starting

Knowing how to jump start another car is helpful when your spouse's car is in need of a jump start. It's easy to jump start a car, but if you aren't able to get it going after 3-4 tries, you should stop. Continuing to try jump starting could damage the car's electrical system.

To jump start a car, you must turn the vehicles off and set the parking brakes. Manual cars should be in neutral, and automatic cars should be in park. Attach the positive cable clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery, then the other end of the positive cable to your car's positive terminal. It's not the same process for the negative cables. You must connect the negative cable to your car battery's terminal, then the other end to a metal section of the dead car's engine away from moving parts.

Now you can start your car and let the engine run for a couple of minutes. Slightly rev the engine while waiting. After giving the dead car a chance to charge, try starting the engine up to four times.

Remember that if it doesn't start after the fourth time, a dead battery may not be the problem. You can bring the car in to our service department at Hatfield Subaru if you need help getting it started or need to purchase a battery replacement. We are willing to jump start a car for you as well.

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