Recognizing the Signs of Cooling System Hose Damage

The impressive amount of heat that is produced by your engine while you drive needs to be carefully managed in order to promote smooth motor operation and avoid damage to motor components. The coolant that tames these high temperatures is routed through the system via a number of specially-designed cooling system hoses. These parts are made to exacting heat and pressure specifications, and many are designed for specific vehicles or engines.

While long-lasting, cooling system hoses eventually wear out. If they are allowed to deteriorate without intervention, they can eventually rupture and cause expensive damages. Luckily, hoses that are nearing the ends of their serviceable lives are usually easy to spot. Distressed hoses may bulge or split, and they often show great signs of wear near their fittings.

While these parts can be easy to identify, they can be difficult to remove or properly replace. Here at our Columbus, OH area facility, our cooling system experts can help you to change your hoses and can also give your entire system a once over. To see the difference that new cooling system hoses can make, swing by our place today for a fast, no-obligation consultation.

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