What is a Differential?

If the word differential seems foreign to you, you’re not alone. Many Columbus, OH motorists don’t know what it means or what the differential does. The differential is a gearbox that makes it possible for your vehicle to keep running and make turns. Our technicians at Hatfield Subaru can not only inspect your differential, but also service it and schedule regular maintenance.

In addition to helping your vehicle turn, your vehicle’s differential works with the transmission to send power to the engine. The differential can only keep functioning efficiently with regular maintenance to ensure it has the proper fluid and levels to keep it properly lubricated.

The better you take care of the differential, the longer it will last, which will improve the longevity of your vehicle’s engine, transmission and axles. Stop in or call for an appointment at our Subaru service center in Columbus. Your vehicle will thank you!

Categories: Service
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