Compact Spares Have Limited Uses

Many automakers equip their vehicles with compact spares. These small tires are different from full-sized spares. Standard or full-sized spares work like other regular tires. Using full-size spares, drivers can operate their vehicles at normal speeds, distances, and in the usual ways. Compact spares cannot function as regular tires.

Many drivers know that compact spares were intended for emergency use only. Drivers cannot operate vehicles at normal speeds or for long distances on compact spares. Many normal functions don't work well with compact spares including the speedometer, anti-lock braking, and traction control.

At Hatfield Subaru, we want every vehicle to have full-sized tires in good condition. Call us if you need to repair or replace one or more of your tires. We have a wide selection of quality replacements that meet your manufacturer's requirements. Please call or drop by our location today.



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