Infotainment Systems are Onboard Computers

If you haven't purchased a vehicle in a few years, chances are one of the features high on your must-have list is an infotainment system. Although it's rather a catch-all phrase, infotainment systems found in today's vehicle have several things in common, as they basically keep the world at your fingertips.

Most automobile manufacturers have proprietary names for the systems they install in their vehicles. Basically, an infotainment system is an onboard computer that gives you and your passengers that can play music, show GPS maps and run all sorts of applications like The Weather Channel while also showing information for safety systems like backup cameras and the like.

Many of the newest models also incorporate Apple and Android devices, which interface with your smartphone to give you even more computing power. When equipped with voice controls, you'll remain safely connected while keeping your eyes on the road.



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