What is Engine Oil Viscosity?

Everyone knows that you need to check the fluids in your vehicle on a regular basis, including the oil level. After driving a certain number of miles, you are also supposed to have the oil changed. When doing so, you will probably hear the term viscosity. Just what does that mean as pertaining to vehicle engine oil?

The viscosity of the oil is the measurement of its resistance to flow. An engine oil with a high viscosity rating will flow more slowly, while a lower viscosity rating means the oil will flow faster. For an oil labeled as 10W-30, the 10W means the viscosity level is at 10W when the vehicle is cold and 30 when it is heated. Having a lower viscosity is best for cold temperatures, and higher viscosities are good for high temperatures.

When it is time to change the oil as recommended by the manufacturer, bring your vehicle in to Hatfield Subaru in Columbus, and we will change the oil and provide any other service you may require.

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