Tire Care Tips and the Importance of Tread & Pressure

Driving the car for extended periods with the wrong tire pressure will certainly have a negative impact on your vehicle. Not only does it make it harder to handle your vehicle at higher speeds, it is going to cost you money when the tires wear quicker. If you are driving the vehicle with tire pressure in the tires that is too low, the outside of the treads wears faster. As the sidewall wears, it becomes harder to control your vehicle, mostly because of the increase in heat and friction.

When the tire pressure is too high, the tires are not riding on the full tread anymore. The center of the car tire is now mostly on the road, reducing handling ability because less tire is trying to grip a wet or slick surface. Set up a regular tire rotation appointment at Hatfield Subaru in Columbus, OH soon so our team can inspect the treads for any signs of trouble.

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