The Importance of Winter Wiper Blades

Winter blades are extremely important for those who reside in cold climates. When it snows or even just gets cold enough for ice, you may experience trouble with your wiper blades. How can Hatfield Subaru in Columbus, OH help?

Traditional wiper blades bend and get clogged up with ice and snow in extreme cold, causing them to not work properly. When they aren't working properly, they are leaving streaks on the glass or big blotchy, blurry spots that impair your ability to see while driving. Sometime they don't work at all, leaving you with little to no visibility. Winter wiper blades are made so that they will work properly in snow and ice. They have extra rubber and a stronger frame to protect them from bending and clogging.

Please keep in mind that not all wiper blades work for all types of vehicles. A qualified mechanic can help you find the blades that fit your vehicle and the weather you will encounter.

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